Another great GPC ride, Thanks to Eric!! (change of plan Bears loop — Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011)

Hey, just wanted to say Thanks to Eric Rydman for posting and leading another very nice ride this morning. A strong group of 9, so I knew I’d be struggling but it was good to push myself…. also highly motivated to do so as a means of staying WARM…..

The group jointly decided to opt for change in the route instead of risk any black ice on the descents of Pinehurst & Wildcat, so we scuttled the cue sheet and pushed out a nicely-paced stop-sign-route to SPDR-Bears . Smart decision and a great group, which included several new GPC members and non-members, at least two (Tim and Ellen) for whom it was a first ride w/ GPC. I was challenged to keep up… and basically didn’t as soon as we got into the hills, so was grateful that everyone was cool about waiting for me at the regroups in the cold temps….. that said, i definitely came home feeling stronger and my avg speed was almost 1 mph faster than otherwise, especially lately….

We had some wind on the descent of Castro Ranch Road, and a bit up Alhambra Valley, otherwise beautifully clear and SUNNY!! As usual, i was slightly overdressed with compression tights and long-tights, SmartWool neck gaitor and SmartWool beanie, thermal jersey and short-sleeved undershirt and thermal vest (wind-jacket rolled up in the pack for later), but with my little stretchy shoelace tie-ups, at SPDR/Castro Ranch Rd I was able to store my layers safely tucked behind me until i needed them for the last stretch (from Inspiration Point along Wildcat to Spruce and down to Berkeley, hand- and tummy-warming coffee stop at Walnut Square Peet’s #1 before heading home also a nice treat).

Short and sweet…. Home in time for last-minute groceries for tomorrow’s big-bird feast…. what can i say, it’s so lovely to be able to walk 5 blocks to TJ’s!!


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