Happy New Year 2012 (Mt. Diablo, January 2012)

thanks to Mark A, Ivan & Eric for the South-North loop, and to Nancy & Michael for the North-North loop! As I was approaching the final “ramp” to the summit, and just about where the downhill ramp joins the road, down came Nancy with her feathers and Michael with about 10-15 riders carving elegantly into the corner to make their right-hand turn downhill “WHOOSH!!” and for a brief, beautiful moment I imagined I was immersed in a scene from the movie “Avatar,” in which the Na’vi are flying on their Ikran!!

what a great sight on Sunday, all those Grizzlies on the road every direction!

p.s. – thanks also to Bill K and Susan J for letting me tag along for the “bonus” flat miles to Lafayette after lunch. A perfect way to round out the ride (tempted to go with the Big Dogs — the Marks & Cliff — back to Berkley, but would NOT have been able to keep up!)

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