ASSR, fantastic 33-mi TM paced ride — Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi all,

Yes yes yes, wasn’t that fabulous riding weather and great company today? Wow, what a showing. And I had 3 new-GPC members on my ride alone.
This was the first time I had lead the “Andante” paced 33-mile option, and found it was a good way to get in a reasonably hilly, medium-paced ride in a short distance, and (even with my “bonus miles” both directions up and over Wildcat) still get home for afternoon chores and “family time” with Ben….

ok, we were also watching the 49’ers game.

I was the last one out of the BART parking lot at the start, and before I got to Castro Ranch Road, I’d rolled by 3 flat-tire events, the last one of which was one of our ride leaders (Eric, for the rather sizable 50 mile group….and one of my riders, Dean, had graciously pulled over to help him. I called out that I’d tell folks to wait up, and so at the re-group at Castro Ranch Road, reported that out to Mark A, who made the news available to the rest of the group in a better, louder voice than I would have mustered. Later John L (from my group) rode back and let Eric & Dean know we were waiting but would roll out slowly and they’d catch up. Along Castro Ranch near the middle, Ernesto (2nd flat) buzzed by like we were all standing still. I found out later that Jim & (flat #1) and John B (from the LT group) ended up doing their own loop. With all these flat tires in the first section, it’s difficult to keep everyone in the groups together.

My group was a nice gathering of 7: Jean, Wendy, Christy, Sheila, John, Dean and myself. Avg pace was on the slow TM side, with Dean and John holding back a bit. Pretty much the group stayed together the whole ride, it was nice. We almost opted to take Deer Hill Road rather than deal with all the freeway interchanges involved with the big U-turn loop between Pleasant Hill Road and back up toward Happy Valley… but decided to go the route on the cue sheet. I found that there seemed to be a lot more traffic going through Lafayette at this time of day than when I usually pass through after the lunch stop with the 50-mile T paced ride….. so am looking into possible changes to that section of the cue sheet, especially for the TM/33 ride….more to come.

Ciao and ride safely.
have fun, thanks to all for coming!

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