ride recap: Sun Jan 15 2.5/T/49 Novato/Bovine Loop (Sunday, January 15, 2012)

Enjoyed Mike Cox’s ride today:
Sun Jan 15 2.5/T/49 Novato/Bovine Loop
We’ll ride through Indian Valley, past the cheese Factory to the Bovine Bakery and return Lucas Valley Rd. There will be a 36 mile option for those who want it but it avoids the bakery. Meet across from the community center on Miller Creek off Lucas Valley Rd. at 9:30 a.m. and we roll at 9:45. Mike Cox . Rain cancels.

well, let’s just say there was no rain, but PLENTY of wind. This is getting to be a somewhat “monthly” listing, and a popular route. If there was ONE rider, there were 20-25!! Everyone strong, nothing T-paced about it! Many strong TM-riders, and several “M” paced folks. it was cold but not freezing, I got rid of my thermal vest at the first regroup (Stafford Lake), and temperature-wise, never looked back.

As for the riding, it was beautiful, if a bit overcast, and with the high winds, the descent along the Petaluma Hwy (after Cheese Factory) was a bit scary-windy, at least for some of us “smaller/lighter” riders. As usual, i kept leaving regroups late and spending a lot of time with my head into the wind trying to catch up with the big train, which I managed, for the most part, with considerable effort to do after long, long stretches of riding solo. Also, when I did catch up, it was good company, so we were very “chatty” and that slows the pace down, i find. I ate too much at lunch, everything at Bovine Bakery looked/smelled so tasty (pizza slice and a chocolate chocolate cherry cherry cookie, YUM YUM, plus a large coffee), and then also left late, so again, played catch up leaving Bovine Bakery, and my lunch kept wanting to come back up….. had to hold back my pace big-time due to cramping side/belly! (duh, you’d think at almost 60 yrs old and 30 years of riding i’d have learned a thing about digestion & hard riding — don’t mix (-:

anyway, thanks to Mike for listing and leading this one. thanks to Esta for the car-pool. it was wonderful seeing everyone today and i enjoyed the good company.
Final stats: 48.68 miles, 12.7 mph avg, 30.7 max; riding time: 3:49:37


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