Thanks! Ride recap: Mon Jan 16 1!/T/26 MLK Day Ride: Berkeley to Point Richmond)

Had a beautiful and blessedly restful ride today in crisp, clean, picture-perfect weather, lead by Eric Rydman and Heather Johnson:

Mon Jan 16 1!/T/26 MLK Day Ride: Berkeley to Point Richmond
From Aquatic Park in Berkeley, we ll roll north on the Bay Trail, passing Golden Gate Fields, the Albany Bulb, Point Isabel, ancient factories from Richmond s waterside industrial past, into quaint Point Richmond for brunch (one option: http://www.littlelouies. com/). Return on Bay Trail after a short loop in Point Richmond. Meet at foot of bike/pedestrian bridge (Addison and Bolivar) at 10:00 a.m. for 10:15 roll out. Rain cancels. Eric Rydman (510) 759-8438, Heather Johnson

Cool temperatures and a slight breeze kept us in a nice, fairly tight single-file formation out through the Bay Trail, then the group humored me for a group photo or two ( at the restroom break at the Richmond Marina corporate park, just before the old Ford building. A nice turnout (15 total) and mellow company. After navigating the usual nasty pavement (a lot of broken glass in the bike lanes) and too many diagonally-running railroad tracks that is part and parcel of this route between Hoffman and along Cutting Blvd, we pulled into Point Richmond and the hidden treasure of Little Louie’s back patio, also re-arranging the patio furniture to have a large group table. Heather headed back at this point, but we still had the rest of the group. Good coffee drinks and delicious, steaming bowls of hot chili for some, freshly made sandwiches for others, coffee, a bag of salt&pepper kettle chips and my home-made Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato and Manchego sandwich for myself, rounded out our lunch destination… it was sunny and sheltered there today, very welcome after the chilly time enroute. After lunch, we headed past the historic Natatorium and through the tunnel…. at which point I sort of temporarily hijacked the ride for a small detour into and around Miller-Knox Regional Park to admire the calm ponds and abundant waterfowl. We returned via Bridgeview and Sea Cliff Drive (and many – including Eric – took a second detour into the small marina-built housing development at the base of Sea Cliff Drive and got a small case of architectural digest home envy (apparently there’s a lovely spiral staircase in full view inside a tall, multi-storied window on the facade of one of the home…. ).

The group included a couple of new riders/members and at least one returning to cycling after a long hiatus…. welcome to GPC!!!

This was the perfect completion of a nice cycling-filled weekend and a wonderful way to spend MLK day. It was great to just breeze along at a chill pace with old friends, some new faces, and some folks I only see on these relaxed events, with no cares or need for me to play catch-up, after two days of hard effort. Now off to play bike-mechanic (or at least bike-cleaner), to prep my little purple beauty for next weekend’s adventures.

My odometer tells me (including the few flat miles round trip between Albany and the start/finish at Aquatic Park): Distance: 31.27 miles; Avg Speed: 10.5 mph; Max speed: 30.2 mph (well, there’s that nice, sweetly banked 11% grade down the front of Sea Cliff!!); Total Riding time: 2:57:17.
See here for the (same as above) group photos:

Ciao and thanks again to Eric & Heather for leading…..


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1 Response to Thanks! Ride recap: Mon Jan 16 1!/T/26 MLK Day Ride: Berkeley to Point Richmond)

  1. nuptiopter says:

    Yeah, next time i’ll throw in the forced march up through the Point Richmond hills before descending down into Miller-Knox (this avoids the tunnel, ramps up the heartbeat after a big lunch!!)

    Ciao… the sky was certainly spectacular today! You felt you could almost just reach out touch the GG Bridge and Mount Tam!!

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