Nimitz Way (Monday, Feb. 20th) and Palomares Out-n-back (Sunday, Feb.19th)

That was a wonderful ride this morning… weather was perfect for my snuggly Grizzly thermal jersey!
thanks to Eric for listing… it has been years since i’ve been out on the Nimitz trail (and then mostly on a mountain bike in my pre-ACL-surgery days when I’d climb out further onto the dirt trail past the Nike Missile bunker up and over through the cow pastures, and then descending the steep, deeply runneled corduroy path down to Jewel Lake before climbing the dirt trail back up to Inspiration Point), and I had forgotten how spectacular the views are in every direction, or at least every time one turns a corner on the path, a different part of the bay area. Six of us enjoyed: Eric, Simon, Estella, Sabine, Jesse, and myself. Coffee at Original Peet’s afterward was enjoyable, too, especially with a surprise bonus of having Micky B’s spirited company… returning from his solo ride.

Also wanted to thank Lisa for listing her very creative Palomares out & back ride on Saturday. It was a challenge for me to *almost* keep up with the big kids (all solid TM riders, and/or M riders on a “recovery” ride day) and i’m told by some that i wasn’t even lagging badly at most regroups… i’d like to think they weren’t just being kind (-:
The new deli that Lisa & Jason scooped in Castro Valley was very nice, too (Tom & Tina’s Deli at the Lucky shopping center at CV Blvd & Redwood).
Special thanks to Lisa for listing, to Jason and a few others for acting as human turnoff markers for regroups/lunch, etc., to Jim for hanging with me when we kept catching red lights all along the last section of Redwood getting to Castro Valley and entire length of Castro Valley Blvd just back of the main group, and to Doug for accompanying me back to Berkeley from Sibley after the ride. I’m appreciative to Lisa and the rest of the group for being mellow and patient with my somewhat straggled entrance at each regroup. Since I also rode up to the start at Sibley from home, and then back down Tunnel afterward (that was a first for me, thanks again to Lisa/Nancy/Doug for a heads of of what to expect and to Doug for the good company and patience for my ultra-conservative descent), my daily totals were 81.54 miles, just a hair under a real TM pace.

Morning hike, chores and gardening on Sunday were a welcome break between Saturday and Monday bike rides. Perfect 3-day weekend!


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