King Ridge recap (Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012)

Dang, Steph! Beat me to it.

anyway, Ditto Ditto Ditto. One of the more enjoyable and stupendously scenic rides in a while, if not one of the most challenging (if not the climbs and teeth-rattling descents, then certainly the metal bridge on Hauser Bridge of the same name that stopped me cold…. and while my comrades blithely rolled across, i had to get off the bike and summon all of my mental powers to overcome my perversely and unreasonably acrophophic fears of falling through the 2″ openings of the bridge platform as I walked my bike gingerly over to safety on the other side. strange and sad, but true!

Thanks to Phil & Stephanie for posting/leading. Fun coinkidink running in to my old buddy and bicycle mentor of long moons past, David K, a newly-joined GPC member… who patiently stuck with the little TM-paced pack for each section for as long as he could manage and then rabbited off to the next regroup to wait for us in the cold.

Ben had lamb-kabobs all ready to grill and the table set with an excellent Zin as a homecoming dinner treat. Even after the cinnabun from Wild Flour, i devoured my supper happily and slumbered soundly and peacefully all night long!


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