Two Bakeries ride, EXCELLENT!! (Saturday, March 3, 2012)

Thanks again to Phil & Janet for leading a wonderful Two Bakeries ride today in perfect weather. Quite a turnout of Grizzlies, too! (yup, big contrast to our little pod last week on King Ridge, but still enjoyable, in a different way).
No baked treats for me today (i kinda over-did it last week!), but i did enjoy a tasty large coffee at the Bovine…. oh right, i guess i did have that ginger cookie, there, too. almost forgot since it wasn’t nearly as noticeable as devouring that entire Cinnamon roll at Wild Flour last week… yes, all by myself!). after all, what’s our motto?

i was somehow off my mark today, and felt slow and sluggish for long stretches in between a few bursts of mystery energy, spent a lot of time lagging, but then decided to just enjoy the views. Shorebirds on the mudflats, hawks hovering in the thermals, too-green pastures, cows everywhere (but not on the road as they tend to be in Sonoma County)… and good company at the rest stops! what more could one ask for on a sunny winter-turning-to-spring day?

see you out there soon!

p.s. – my bike computer sez 13.7 mph, 75+ miles, mostly rollers….

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