Rapunzel and the Three Bears, update for 3/24/12… hemmed & hawed & canceled

Dear Ann Landers,

My husband’s bum shoulder confirms the gloomy 70% probability of rain weather prediction for Saturday in the south bay from those clever folks at NOAA, and the prospect that i have been trying to hold out til the last moment regarding my bicycle ride despite consistency of that plus heavy winds (gusts up to 28 mph) in all areas of the route also threatens to drive his blood pressure up into the danger zone….. i have spent countless hours tweaking the cue sheet and map, and am hesitant to call off the ride which i have so eagerly and so long been anticipating. However, my husband’s analysis of weather is almost never wrong, and he thinks i’d be better off sticking around the house watching one of my Bollywood films while pedaling my other bike on the trainer. I’ve been off playing on two wheels every weekend leaving him at home alone, and since he doesn’t knit or crochet, he’s not falling into the position of becoming a “bicycle-widower” in very good cheer…. Question: should i bring the camera or not?
Yours, in anticipation…

Dear Rapunzel,
Yes, the revised cue sheet is great, and the specs of the ride seem less daunting at 62.6/5K ft than the original listing that apparently contained some erroneous double-loops (those pesky mapping programs!!), extra miles and elevations. However, if you go on this ride, it is certain that Die Gebruedder Grimm will personally come and drag you by those golden/grey locks off the mountain and the Big Bad Wolf will most certainly come and blow your straw house down! Stay home with hubby and enjoy the bicycle racing on NBC Sports TV (a few stages left yet in the Volta de Catalunya…). Yesterday the POP for tomorrow was 50%, now it’s a consistent 70%. The rain is sure to last from early morning through at least two Shahrukh Khan films, maybe three!! List your ride again later in the Springtime when the sun is more likely to shine all day long.


Dang, you just can’t fool Mother Goose, much less Mother Nature!


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