Century prep #3, Three Small Walls recap (Sunday, April 1, 2012)

Yes, fantastic ride, from my perspective, and no-one was happier than I to be riding in glorious sunshine over our Leprechaun-green hillsides than I, after Saturday’s Cinderella (all the fun in the normal rolling costume party covered up by soggy rain-gear!! more on that ride in a separate posting soon). We did have one mechanical (a somewhat “pre-existing condition” broken spoke on a very untrue wheel and some recommended NOT making the descent down Pig Farm), so we did leave one rider at Swett after confirming that his rescue ride would be coming soon.

The scenery and company did not disappoint yesterday, and there was an informal easy agreement amongst all the co-leaders in sharing lead/sweep roles throughout parts of the ride as conditions or the situation prescribed. As it turned out, after Gaston & Jeff had left our Swett School lunch stop with the bulk of the riders, the remaining three leaders (Toshi, Chris and myself — ok, four, counting Toshi’s intrepid stoker, Mei), along with Jim O formed a congenial little pack with casual stops at the top of Castro Ranch to tighten Mei’s floppy helmet, and then again at the gas station/mini-mart at Valley View/SPDR (which I’d also recommended to the other riders as a good pit stop), for a restroom break and ICE CREAM! (they have those delicious Mexican fresh fruit bars, as well as the more typical American ice-cream truck fare), before tackling Hillcrest.

An excellent day. 33 riders total, including the riders and leaders.

Cheers & thanks to all who showed up to enjoy. See you next week!


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