ASSR recap…..34-TMish Allegante!!! and then some….(Saturday, April 14, 2012)

Hey Grizzlies,
that was a nice turnout today for the ASSR in wonderful weather, too!
seems like the crowd favorites were the longer loops today,
Even our little 34-TM and 50-T bands combined up at the top of Pig Farm hill with the 50-milers joining our route instead of going to Danville…. Most of us opted to go Deer Hill up and out to Happy Valley, rather than the freeway obstacle course from Pleasant Hill Rd and back through Lafayette (IMHO, there’s just no reason to go through all that on the 34-miler…. makes sense for the 50-miler only in the context of having to get TO Olympic to start the piece to Danville, and then coming back, of course you’re already on that side of the freeways…. so…. but for the 34-mile route, fuhgetaboutit! Just give me that big bad Deer Hill, thank you.)

In Orinda, some of us shared a nice lunch in stages at Cafe Europa and then Peet’s, before making an impromptu post-ride extension out Moraga Rd to Canyon, up Pinehurst, across Skyline and down Tunnel. We saw a contingent of 65-mile Allegretto (??) riders returning along Moraga Rd as we were riding out the opposite direction.

It was a nice group, fine riding company, and perfect riding weather. About 67 miles total, including my up and over from home to Orinda and the extension miles afterward. Thanks to all for another fun and successful ASSR!

I got a flat right after the regroup at Castro Ranch Rd (running right over a crack i told myself i shouldn’t ride over! DOH!!), and the new tube i put on somehow didn’t have a valve-head, or it disappeared when I started to pump up the tube.. Anyway, I pumped it up and rode the rest of the ride hoping the valve cap would somehow seal the air in and i was lucky…. the tube held the air the entire ride! although i must admit i held back and rode a bit more gingerly, just in case. Several folks in the group offered their spare tubes, but it turns out I didn’t need them. Tomorrow i’ll change that tube out to another new one, hopefully WITH a functioning valve-end.


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