Stage 3 ToC, Mt. Diablo ride & “health day”

Hi all,
some of us played hooky from work today, or as i prefer to think of it, took a “health” day.
Several rolled out from PH BART (Phil, myself and a few others), and joined a flock of other Grizzlies at Heather Farms for a climb up Mt. Diablo through Northgate to cheer on the racers and be a part of the scene up on the mountain. Our leader, Stephanie, later said 16 of us left from Heather Farms, and about 5-6 others were already up at Junction or came later. We found various spots and vantage points for viewing the race, some preferring to be nearest to the top of the climb (a nice combination of sun/shade with a good looking down at the racers climbing up to junction the last slightly wavy stretch from Bridal Nook to the Junction, while others headed down about 1 mile toward South Gate/Ranger Station, and others enjoyed watching the fast descents around the hairpins on the north side. I’m looking forward to everyone’s photos from these different viewpoints!!!

Later a bunch of us regrouped at Junction before heading back down to Northgate and then to Peet’s for good conversation and refreshments.

Beautiful day, nice cool weather with glorious sunshine (i was very comfortable wearing my lightweight long-sleeved GPC jersey as a combo wind/sun cover and a pair of lightweight knickers).

TV coverage sort of bypassed Diablo… we are watching the race on TV as I write this. That said, the riders have not yet reached the summit of Patterson Pass (they’re in the windmill section right now), so i expect the crowds to be spectacularly big up at the top, but it was a sizable party on Diablo/Junction, too……
My favorite was the guy in the leopard suit with a “Cat 1” sign on his back!!!

Thanks again to Steph for organizing and to Phil for co-leading.
i’ll download, edit and post some pics later w/ a link to my flickr page… some might have even come out fine…. whoosh, even on the uphill, those guys move FAST!!


here’s the unedited flickr show….. some near duplicates, some should-be-deleted…. oh well…will work on that later.

obviously still getting used to new camera.

with those disclaimers out of the way, the set shows the general vibe and excitement level of the “hilltop” party….

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