Pancake flat ride to pancake breakfast – Berkeley Aquatic Park to the Red Oak Victory ship (Point Richmond), Sunday – May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers’ Day!

We had a nice and very mixed group today, about 18 riders started out from Berkeley Aquatic Park – including Andrew and Heike and friends with their kids who joined us and rode at their own pace –
It was the first time in my GPC kit for a long time, as well as the longest ride i’ve done since NYD, and even the shortish distance and almost pancake flatness of the route reminded my leg muscles that i have not been using them enough!

I rode with my pigtails bound in a nautical theme (“port” and “starboard” ponytail holders, red & green, respectively) in keeping with the destination.

Just before we reached the ship, Michael K caught up with the group. and just as we were going to descend the gangway after breakfast, there were Fil M & Jerri who were there on their own ride. So total Grizzlies & guests were well-represented on the U.S.S. Red Oak Victory ship – 21 in number.

Several new riders, some new to the area and just getting into riding/group riding, some friends of Grizzlies from non-cycling circles. Always nice to have new faces and an opportunity to talk up the club and our stupendously wonderful cycling terrain a bit.

Pancakes and accompaniments downright tasty, with no pretense about being gourmet. Mimosa ($3 extra charge) a nice optional touch, too. Today I also got to enjoy a cup of Catahoula coffee which that local roaster had brewed and donated to the ship for the Mothers’ Day occasion.

Springtime sea breezes kept the temps on the coolish side coming and going, and headwinds were strong enough on the return trip to feel like I was really fighting against them.

Will lead this ride again, maybe later in the day to take advantage of the 3pm tour.

Highlight: a group of 5 or 6 large brown pelicans flying in formation about 10-15 ft above the deck of the ship, just after we’d sat down for breakfast, sort of hovering slow-mo for a second as if to say “here we are, are we not magnificent?” Then they were off and away. Happened so fast i didn’t have my camera out of the pack. They are bigger and more majestic than I remember…

Thanks to Jim O’ for co-leading (and keeping a closer eye on the posted LT pace than yours truly – i think i was carried away by the joy of being on the bike at all!!) and thanks to all the riders who came along. Good company, all!

p.s. – only took a few photos, may or may not post those…tbd

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