Albany-Point Richmond Not-Alta-Alpina solo loop (Saturday – June 29, 2013)

To these numbers, add 3 miles:

29.43 miles
11.2 mph avg.
30.7 mph max.
2:36:26 saddle time

(Addendum, 7/7/13 – turns out I’d also activated my “mapmyride” app on my phone, and those readings are:
32.43 mi
11.7 mph avg
02:46:26 total time
….a bit less stopping, but up and over Seacliff both directions, slow sauntering through Miller Knox and WAY too long waits at red lights in Point Richmond vicinity sort of balanced out the nice 17-20 mph avg cruising along Canal Blvd)

Perfect, sunshiny sky, cool breezes w/ some headwinds.

Frustrating Richmond signal lights at Hoffman, Cutting and Canal.

Successful hill climb on Seacliff (both directions!), pleasant saunter in and around Miller Knox Regional Park, gratifying reflective moments at the Rosie the Riveter Historic exhibits at Point Potrero Shipyard #3, uplifting conversation with 80-years-young Jay from Emeryville at the Albany bulb on his silky, cocoa brown single speed he handbuilt himself 3 years ago (!!) and rides between Emeryville and Point Richmond about 3 times a week….

….and best of all, my neck and spine pain is a lot less AFTER the ride than before ….YAY, Serotta!

Now home, showered, drinkin’ a delicious, nutritious homemade fruit smoothie and watching Stage 1 of the TdF.

Coulda done without viewing the on-the-bike “natural” on TV coverage…

Peace out!


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