Saturday, November 30th, 2013 “One Bakery Marin Loop”

Here’s the listing:

SAT NOV 30 3/TM/60 Marin One Bakery A classic Marin ride to burn of that turkey and pumpkin pie. Lots of miles, some challenging hills, and an excellent bakery at the end. Meet across from the Miller Creek Community Center at 9:45 a.m., roll at 10:00. Bring snacks to get you through until our late-ride stop at the Bovine Bakery in Pt Reyes Station. Leaders: Stephanie C.; Janet M. 20% or more chance of rain cancels – call leaders by 9:00 that morning if in doubt.

And my recap:
Before I forget… just wanted to give a shout-out and note of appreciation to Stephanie and Janet for the wonderful “One Bakery Marin Loop” last Saturday.  TM pace so no dilly-dallying, but plenty of time and so many wide open, bucolic roads to encourage extended en-route socializing. I’m especially grateful to   Steph & Janet for speaking with the weather goddesses and also apparently telepathically with the county road repair crews, as we had both crisp yet somehow warm, crystal clear skies and sometime since my last adventure on Marshall Wall, the previously dangerously pot-holed, broken stretches of asphalt have been patched.  Wonderful! Yay!   The route is a good example and reminder of why sometimes it’s so worth it to “get in the car” to go on a bike ride… (happy to see many ad-hoc carpools formed to get there, too)


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