GPC President’s Column – December 2013

Splitting the Lane

It seems just a few short months ago I was a cyclist recently charged with and accepting new responsibilities in my favorite volunteer organization and addiction of choice, Grizzly Peak Cyclists. As time rolls by, I’ve needed to juggle my time more than expected due to time-conflicts (vacation), medical issues (mine & family), and work priorities. I always think I can do it all, and then I’m requested to “pick one” instead. So I’m riding less and have on occasion had to defer my Presidential duties to another officer temporarily while I was – for instance – gallivanting about in the French & Swiss Alps, or attending to personal and family medical needs. Luckily, GPC Board comprises a great group of folks and I’m always moved by the level of commitment and skill some people exhibit in their attention to various club tasks, to keep the machine moving and in good working order. I’m grateful to have such talent and dedication close at hand!

Meanwhile, as I navigate through life, club business, work and family commitments, I find myself threading the needle as if riding on my favorite stretch of roadway (Wildcat Cyn Road, as it happens!), avoiding the series of potholes on the right while trying to stay ahead of the car looming closer behind me as I approach the two cyclists I might actually be able to pass in view straight ahead.

In my first column, I challenged the membership to become involved, to come forward with innovative ideas, etc. Now I am sending out that same message, but tempered with a request to become involved with all the info available before throwing out those glorious innovative suggestions…. there’s a good chance we’ve already gone down that road and discovered it led to a hidden blockade, or tried on that jersey and discovered it ran baggy, sampled that delicious looking cookie which proved to taste and chew like cardboard, spent beaucoup $$ for that spiffy new high-end wheel-set that has a ratchet-pinging-sound in the hub (by design) that just kills the silent-running cycling style we might otherwise cherish.

Same with club business. Sometimes a new idea is new and worthy…. sometimes it’s not only NOT new, but also not as good as the tried and true. And only rarely…. and I do mean rarely, we haven’t already hashed it out (you can search keywords in the email archives and in the WT archives – which contain meeting minutes detailing club business), or maybe the general concept of the new idea is really great, but the timing or the framework isn’t appropriate, or we already have a long-standing procedure for vetting the idea.

So keep thinking, keep proposing, but do your homework…. and also be prepared to DO the legwork and any time- or labor-intensive details in the future that result from your grand plan. We are all volunteers…. And just because you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you might not be good at it!

Speaking of which, we do have that wonderful Century coming up in May. Several key positions need filling. Could that Truck Choreography Coordinator be YOU? Have a head for detail and organization? Staging is right up your alley! Like to be out and about with the riders … but maybe not all 1000 of them? Proctor Rest Stop needs your leadership! Radio/SAG position still open, too. Contact our Century Chair, Jeff Kurtock ( if you can lend your time to these important positions!

Hope to see you at the Holiday Party! December 11th at Solano Grill and Bar in Albany (see details in this Wheel Truth). I’m thankful to our Holiday Party Coordinator, Jessica Jensen, for making the arrangements, and to Jeff Kurtock, who worked a lot of last-minute magic to get the sign-up form and payment scheme online in short order!

As you weigh your priorities in the months to come and in the coming years, I hope you can consider splitting your time to permit a bit toward GPC activities (in addition to rides you join or lead).

Sherie Reineman
President, Grizzly Peak Cyclists

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