NYD 2014 – PH BART – Mount Diablo South Gate loop recap

Here’s the ride listing…. at one point during the initial planning, I was discouraged for lack of availability and/or enthusiasm from potential co-leaders, and was on the verge of canning the whole thing, then my sistahs (and brother) in crime stepped up, and we had a RIDE!!  Oh boy, yes we did….

Wed Jan 1   5/LTM/40   New Year’s Day on Mt Diablo
Join GPC in this cyclist’s New Year’s tradition. Meet at Pleasant Hill BART at 9:30 a.m. for a 9:45 a.m. rollout (BART trains on Holiday schedule arrive 9:17 and 9:37 a.m. eastbound, and 9:12 and 9:32 a.m. westbound). We’ll ride as a big social group to the Athenian School, climb South Gate Rd to the junction, continue to the summit, then descend North Gate Rd. All ride paces are welcome – but as this is a 3300′ climb, it should not be your first ride with extensive climbing. A shorter version is available (1600′ climb) by going only as far as the junction. GPC-attire will help fellow club members identify you among the many riders on the mountain. Bring food, long-fingered gloves, and extra warm clothes for a possibly frigid descent. Lunch is in the Ygnacio Plaza Shopping Center, 1815 Ygnacio Valley Rd at San Carlos, at Mountain Mike’s Pizza and/or Daphne’s…..or chill outside with a burrito if you’re brave!. Contact ride leader – if weather is questionable, but 30% or greater chance of rain or temps below 40F degrees in Walnut Creek and/or snow on the mountain cancels. Rain date is Sun, Jan 5. Ride leaders: Sherie Reineman, Ann Lehr , Janet Monks, and Eric Rydman. Leader for ride to Junction only TBA.

Thanks again to my co-leaders, Janet Monks, Ann Lehr and Eric Rydman for our South Gate loop today!  And to all the riders who joined us – what a fun and enthusiastic group!

We had 44 riders (including ourselves) plus some others who joined at the Athenian School after starting out in Berkeley with Chris Bailey’s M-paced group.  It was also fun to join up with the GreenWitt North Gate crowd both at the Summit and later at lunch, Ditto for some other folks (Michi/Zach, Nancy/Michael) who were out and about on their own rides [addendum: turns out Nancy & Michael were actually on Chris/Pat’s NorthGate loop]. So many Grizzlies and guests, and most everyone made it to the Summit this year, thanks to the calm winds and “springlike” temperatures.

Weather couldn’t have been more perfect!  Fantastic way to celebrate the beginning of 2014.

Thanks again to all.

Happy New Year and see you all on the road!


(Madame La Presidente)

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