ASSR – 4/TTM/50 (Jan.11, 2014)

the question was “are we riding today….” (as opposed to whether the 30 percent POP cancels and relieves the leader from showing….)

and indeed some of us decided independently that we would head out to Orinda and see what the weather gods had in store for us.

Glad we did.

11 folks arrived at BART (7 Grizzlies including 4 of the 5 ride leaders, plus 4 guests, who normally ride with the VeloRaptors).

Melarie & John rode the 23-LT Bears loop, the rest of us (3 of the other 4 leaders: me, Kurt D & Jim S, plus the 2 Grizzlies (LisaMc and Basil) and 4 guests (Robin, Melissa, Ed & Rebecca) – new to us but well-seasoned, spunky and energetic riders, and very friendly, outgoing personalities, to boot!.

Since the 4 guests were interested in the 50-T (which i was leading), nobody wanted the shorter options, and there were only two other riders present who might consider the 65 TM, we decided to combine all three of those rides into the 50…. so we ended up with a 50-T/TM.  Mark N joined us at SPDR/Wildcat, and so having lost a lot of my fitness over the past year, i was the sole “T” contingent! and it was a good challenge for me to attempt to keep up with the faster pace of the group)…..i also got stuck behind a couple of those proverbial long red-light traffic signals both directions, so…….

Anyway, for the 50-miler, our little band of 10 had an enjoyable jaunt out to Danville and back (although, as Mark N commented, there is “nothing to recommend” in riding Danville Blvd!  Between the traffic, the Saturday shopping mall in/out adventures, and the de facto used car sales strip, i’m liking it less and less)….

Anyway, as far as how the weather treated us today: about perfect. On the cool side, but warm enough to strip off layers, and we beat any semblance of rain….. a barely discernable mist was forming “east of the hills” just as we returned back to Orinda.  Mark N & Lisa Mc decided to split off after lunch and do the 65-miler out to Redwood road, and the rest of us headed back to Orinda the normal 50-miler route.  Our guests took little pleasure in the “Half-Happy” climb so late into the ride, but loved the little Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride piece of fun through the neighborhoods from Sundowner to Lombardy and Miner, a new treat for them…. and at our departure from Orinda at the end, Ed mentioned that he and Rebecca will be signing up as members!

So… to answer the question, “why ride today….” might be:  well, the whole thing was worth it for me (-:

Thanks to all who showed and rode.

With a few bonus miles to/from Albany – Rockridge BART both directions, i guess i got a nice 62 mile day (and re-layered somewhere on Colby to deal with the light drizzle that was becoming prevelant for the rest of the ride home from Rockridge)  Home and showered by 3pm, loosened up my upper body muscles with some house chores (vacuuming and such), made dinner and now enjoying [ok, maybe THAT’s a stretch!] a step into the past on TV with a movie “Foxes” (Jodie Foster and others WAY young and great reminder of how and why the 80s sucked in almost every way!)

Have a great sunshiny ride tomorrow, all…

Stay safe and enjoy!


On Jan 11, 2014, at 07:40 AM, [Mark H] wrote:


As I understand the club policy, a chance of rain of 30% or more automatically cancels a ride.  Unless I hear otherwise I’m assuming there won’t be an ASSR today.  The rule helps make a simple decision without having to second guess whether it will actually rain.  At the least ti looks pretty cold and gray here.  For those who can juggle their weekend schedules, why ride today when the weather will return to very nice by tomorrow?

Mark H.

In a message dated 1/11/2014 7:14:50 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Sherie writes:

Hi all…so, are we riding today or calling it?  No droplets here in Albany

…40° POP  in Orinda and beyond but i’m not seeing an actual rain prediction til for after about 5pm.

I’m willing to kit up and head over to Orinda but need to do so pretty soon. Heading into the shower now and will check back soon.



(Tentatively for 35- or 50-T)

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