MLK, Jr. Day – Bay Trail loop to Point Richmond (Monday – Jan. 20, 2014)

Ride listing:

Mon Jan 20   1!/LT/26   MLK Day Ride: Bay Trail
From the bike/ped. bridge in Berkeley, we’ll follow the traditional route up to Point Richmond for a stop at Little Louie’s and back. Meet at foot of bridge (Bolivar and Addison) at 10:00 a.m. for 10:15 roll out. Rain cancels. Eric R

This was a perfect way to round out a great weekend of cycling (Saturday and Monday) and chores/hiking with Ben (Sunday).  About 21 riders showed, we were even graced by presence of some of our bionic “elder statesmen” (Micky, Bart and Jim), who decided to come along for the social aspect of it all (and as a “recovery ride” from their normal long/M-paced rituals).

I saw one woman do two brain-dead things in the first 1/2 mile (almost took out two cyclists coming opposite direction at the bollard in the center divider of the path near the south end of the soccer fields by deciding – inexplicably and suddenly – to ride northbound n the southbound lane, then a minute later took a tumble at the north end of the soccer fields where we were turning onto Gilman… oye! Scary….

Once i witnessed this, i decided to take my sweet time on the loop, and also later wanted to incorporate the newly built/opened trail from the spit at Potrero Point pier to the Point Richmond Marina …. first i started heading down that direction, then re-read the cue sheet and realized Eric had planned to go straight in to Point Richmond without detours on the way there, and then “maybe” loop back through to the new trail AFTER lunch.  So after reaching Sea Cliff Drive, I turned around and went back to the light at Cutting/Canal to wait for Eric.

After waiting a few minutes for Eric (and his aforementioned somewhat challenged “charge”), as well as our other slow-motating Rivendale family (Nick, Jamie & Peter)…. I eventually gave up and decided to just go for it myself…..

and because i really sort of detest the tunnel and associated bike/ped path inside it, I opted to go up and over Western/Scenic/Washington and down into town the “fun” way.  So, by the time i reached Little Louie’s, most folks were beginning to get ready to finish up and roll out.

I sat with Nick/Jamie/Peter for a few minutes, then got back on my bike to ride out with the others… although quite tempted to go back up and over Washington to Western in order to once again avoid the tunnel, i followed the main group through the tunnel (well, sort of – actually, i just jammed it as fast as i could on the roadway in lieu of using the path up on the sidewalk everyone else had gone on).

Then I made my own solo scenic detour in and around Miller-Knox Regional Park, and then caught up with Nick & co right before the intersection of Cutting/Hoffman…. at which my vintage bike/attired pals had stopped at the red light.  OK, enough waiting for Godot…. Stop on red, then off i go, turning right onto Hoffman.  A block or so later, distance started to spread and that was the last i saw of them (until the very end, when i’d finished and we were all hanging around the start/finish for Eric to return.)

At Point Isabel, i – uncharacteristically – took the straight path (instead of the normal seaview maximizing route around the dog park area and Costco), and caught up with Eric on the trail shortly before Buchanan, reporting out on the whereabout of the family.

Then i hot-rocketed back to Aquatic Park, and waited around some, chatting with Adele, Walt, and others waiting for Eric, who finally showed with the family closely in tow a good while later.

Happy to say, glad i’m more or less “back” from injury status.  Enjoyed today, as an “option”….

Glad Eric listed it…(he’s an “M” rider, but kind and patient and gracious in his sensibilities….so frequently lists rides at much slower paces and shorter distances, in the spirit of “inclusivity” for those riders who are not as skilled or as fast). I’m very thankful we have folks like Eric in the club leading these rides…. sorta frees me up a bit to be the cantakerous old codger i am! (-:



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