Sun Jan 26 5/T/42 Two Grizzlies

Here are the two listings I was interested in:

Sun Jan 26   2!/TMM/100   El Sobrante to Grizzly Island and Back
This is a long, rollery,potentially windy route out to rather unique geographical features of the Bay Area. The “!” is for Pig Farm Hill, steep relative to the rest of the route. On Grizzly Island, we will only go to the end of the paved road at Fish and Wildlife HQ. Adventurers are welcome to do the challenging (and fun) extra 8 miles out and back on gravel and loose sand to the gate that closes the public road off at its end ( We’ll dispense with a sit down lunch and stop at gas stations for food and the usual necessities. Meet at lot at San Pablo Dam Rd and Castro Ranch Rd at 9:00 a.m. for a 9:15 roll out. Please bring lights. Rain cancels. Eric R.

Sun Jan 26   5/T/42   Two Grizzlies
Meet at North Berkeley BART at 9:45 a.m., roll at 10:00. Up Spruce and over Grizzly Peak Blvd and back. In between the two grizzlies take Skyline to Redwood to Moraga for lunch and back up Pinehurst. Phil M.


and here’s my recap:

gearing up for the weekend, i was looking at my choices for Sunday (a long, flat 100-miler out to Grizzly Island; and a very hilly medium-length ride, both starting pretty locally).

well, it seemed that way at the time, until i realized that the longer ride was too fast for my pace (TMM)… which i only noticed the day before (i first read TTM…. oops), so that made my decision-making really easy!


nonetheless, i woke up this morning and while kitting up, my Id started taking over and i was coming up with all sorts of reasons why i shouldn’t do the ride: knee hurting, ankle hurting, not keen on the descent on Grizz from the Steam Trains to where Fish Ranch/Claremont come into the intersection (which I don’t believe I’d ever done…. maybe one time in the very distant past), traffic, yada yada yada… but i went anyway, and am very glad i did.  


11 riders showed up at North Berkeley BART, and 5 more at Sibley.  This was the second time i’ve ridden Grizzly Peak southbound since the repaving, and it was really lovely.  The descent from the Steam Trains was less intimidating than i’d imagined…. actually, it was pretty nice!  And the climb up the other side to Sibley was really pretty.  Views views views, and since one is climbing, pace is slow enough to enjoy them. (ok, yeah, i’m sure most of you know all of this already, right?).


Lunch in Moraga after descending Skyline, Redwood and lower Pinehurst to Canyon.  I’d brought my Peanut Butter, home-made cranberry, fresh baby spinach sandwich, but when i got to Bianca’s everyone was eating these really tasty looking, fresh-made sandwiches, so I decided to follow suit.  Turkey and cranberry with grated lettuce/cabbage on a whole wheat roll.  Yummy!  And a bag of chips.  My only gripe (which i think is somewhat justified) is that for a sit-down deli with about 10 tables inside and about the same number outside, the “Employees Only” sign on the bathroom door is just WRONG! (“Customers only” maybe?).  i’ll probably go there again and let them make me a sandwich, though.  It was very tasty, and fairly decently-priced.


Then we headed back out on the road, Moraga to Canyon to Pinehurts….. i just took my time (no, i took more than my time, since i mis-shifted and dropped my chain in the flatter section, oops). saving some back for Grizzly Peak northbound.  Most of the group was gathered for a Regroup at the top of Pinehurst, i kept rolling so my muscles would stay loose, and continued on to Sibley for my quick bathroom break.  Might have seen Eddie crossing the road onto Tunnel as I made my turn only Grizzly Peak.


Turned out i had the legs for the entire ride, after all.

Thanks for listing/leading, Mr. Phil!


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