Turkeys on the Greenway…..

…of the Avian

and also of the homo sapien and canine varieties…

advocated for single striping… my associates favored three-lane configuration, nothing i could say would sway their (IMHO) well-intended but horribly mis-guided, overly optimistic zeal.  so what we have now, after months and months of three-lane striping:  you guessed it.  Literally, hardly a day goes by… i can count digits on one hand when i have NOT encountered/witnessed folks just using the wrong lane… i believe in part because the three-lane config is so counter-intuititive to how we are otherwise conditioned to navigate in the western world (“slower traffic on the right” and when on a north/south directional path/roadway, “keep right/west if heading southbound, “left/east side if northbound”).

here is a link to some more pics.  i’m just sayin’….



Oye! jeesh, i just HATE being right!

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