Good Call – canceled Century Prep Warm-up Ride #1 – Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here’s the ride listing:

SUN MAR 2 2.5/L/25 SPDR and Wildcat – Century Prep Warm Up Ride #1 Wipe off the winter dust and join us for the first of two Warm Up Rides that will help get you ready for the Century Prep Ride Series. Meet at 10:00 a.m. at North Berkeley BART and ride to San Pablo Dam Rd and climb Wildcat Canyon to Spruce and return to BART. Optional post ride stop @ Peet’s before returning to NB BART. No Drop. Helmets strongly encouraged. Rain cancels; if weather is dubious contact ride leader: Leaders: Ann L, Ken K, Arleen S, John A, and Janet H

And here’s my re-cap:


Hi everyone…

well, i had high hopes for a “go” today, despite the 40% POP forecast and Ben’s wise admonishment while i kitted up and prepared for the ride – filling my snack baggy with the new supply of dried ginger, berries, nuts, banana chips; wallet & cell phone in another ziplock, stuffing my pockets with the usual gear (spare tube, patch kit, snack goodies, wallet/phone) and finally heading out the door.  The thick morning fog-line on top of the hill had cleared and the streets were fairly dry.  sky looked good, too…..

however, a few minutes behind schedule, it was suddenly already “misting” by the time I descended the short stairway and ramp to go down to the garage, and then morphing to an actual “sprinkle” before i left the driveway (having been delayed even a few minutes more by changing out my front headlight, as the regular one on my road bike had dead batteries, so I switched it out with one from my commuter).  Turning left onto Solano Ave a few hundred yards later, solidly bold raindrops were splattering on me and my bike glasses…. uh, yeah, that’s 100% Precipitation… way beyond any “POP”, but i was still sort of bent on at least getting to the start and giving a short “Century Prep Kickoff” welcome greeting….(and the further along i got enroute, for recommending “NOT riding the hills” if that had not already been decided)…

suffice to say, it was all rather tempting just to turn around and call it a day within a few blocks….. and bike and all clothing were completely damp/wet a short mile later reaching NB BART…. i could see by the small gathering of familiar Grizzlies (mostly ride leaders – Ann, Janet, Ken, Arleen — plus a few old hands – Eddie, Bill & Rose – mostly all wearing rain slickers and hoods, huddling in the parking area (instead of the usual point), that they’d already called the ride a “no-go”… as it turned out, a few new riders and non-Grizzlies had also shown – Melissa and someone who looked a lot like co-leader John A but introduced to me as Bill ?? (brains misfiring in the cold/damp perhaps?? i’m still not convinced it wasn’t John or perhaps his Doppelgänger??) — and 4 more gals (all non-members, i believe, but all registered Century riders) arrived just as I was pulling in, disappointed in my announcement that the ride wasn’t happening….

the wetness did not subside – just the opposite – during my return trip back to the house, or in the short time afterward.  Took some long minutes wiping down the bike … frame, seat, wheels, chain, tires… before hanging it up on the hooks for the day…

House initially empty, but a few minutes later Ben back from his first attempt at a run in a long while.  YAY!

a few hours later, GPC outfit still drying, lunch long over, Milan-Juventis on the tube, and fog-line on Grizzly Peak now steadily growing and covering more of the hill….

Thanks to the ride leaders and riders who braved any morning dew to get there.  And thanks to Ann & co for both showing up but also having the sense to cancel the actual ride… no dumb Grizzlies in THIS Mama Bear’s den!

Hope for better luck next week for Prep ride #2.


Sherie (Madame La Prez)

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